Week 1 Contest Winners!

Posted in Summer Music Junkie by superglued on July 19, 2010

Congrats to the Summer Music Junkie Contest Week 1 winners!

  1. Dean Keim – CMJ 2010 Music Marathon badge
  2. Amber G. King – Ariel Pink at Irving Plaza tickets
  3. Hula Doll – CMJ 2010 Music Marathon badge
  4. Alexis Maindrault – The XX at United Palace tickets
  5. Mary Mark – New Music Seminar badge
  6. Clara Hung – Trombone Shorty at South Street Seaport tickets
  7. Michelle – New Music Seminar badge

Here’s what our winners had to say about their favorite concert of the week:


“I really like Matt & Kim at the Siren fest last weekend but I think that Screaming Females took the first place. Marissa Paternoster has such a stage presence and incredible skills!”


“I loved Raphael Saadiq. It was my first Summerstage show, and I thought I would die from the heat, but he was so fantastic and energetic that it was more than worth it. I was only expecting to hear songs from his solo albums, so it was a thrill to hear him sing a few Tony Toni Tone jams. So much fun! Plus, I got to take a picture with Aloe Blacc, who was also great.”


“Last week’s winner of my favorite concert was hands down Iron Maiden at MSG. While the other shows were nice for sure, they all had their pitfalls~ The Roots killed it, but waiting through the many other acts and stage changes was a real blah waiting game. Siren fest was great too, but the new stage configurations closed off exits and made things seem more claustrophobic than a chicken in a pressure cooker (sweating just thinking about it). Maiden, on the other hand, was pure well-crafted rock GOD genius, as only Heavy Metal veterans like Bruce Dickinson and the boys could do! Bruce was positively on fire: running, dodging, rolling and lunging across stage like few 20-year olds could do, and his voice pierced through the air like screeching wails of the undead! Much of the enfasis this time around was the still unreleased new album, mixed in with stuff off their reunion piece from a few years back, which left only little time for some real old devil-loving metal from their first couple albums, and barely anything from their better known 80’s/90’s period, but that didn’t matter, it was a truly great giant ROCK show the way they used to do it, big and impressive!”

We’ve got some amazing prizes this week including tickets to Belle and Sebastian, Black Francis, the Morning Benders and CMJ Badges.


Summer Music Junkie Contest

Posted in Summer Music Junkie by superglued on July 10, 2010

So you say you’re the biggest live music fan in New York – but are you a true super fan? Find out with SuperGlued’s New York Summer Music Junkie Contest. Starting Sunday, July 11, you can earn points for all the things you do before, during and after shows, such as Twitter updates, FourSquare checkins, blog reviews and photo and video uploads. Check it out at

Points earned will be tracked on the SuperGlued leaderboard and top scorers will earn weekly prizes throughout the summer, including CMJ Music Marathon badges and tickets to some of the biggest shows of the summer, such as The XX, Morning Benders and Belle & Sebastian.  The biggest music junkie of all wins the grand prize package, which includes a Brooklyn Bowl 365 pass and a guest DJ spot on the Seaport Music Show on East Village Radio. The Brooklyn Bowl 365 pass provides the music junkie and a friend free admission to shows at Brooklyn Bowl for one full year. Additional partners include Deli Magazine, Paste Magazine and JakPrints. Each week’s winners will be announced on Monday, and the grand prize winner will be announced on September 7.

Here’s how it works:

5 points
Attend a show
Post a Tweet about show
Check in at show via FourSquare

10 points
Post a photo
Post a video
Receive thumbs up from another member for any content you post from show

15 points
Post a setlist
Post a blog review

And keep an eye out on @SuperGlued for Tweets about shows that can earn you double points.

Get ready now by joining SuperGlued at, and connect your Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare accounts. You can also download the free iPhone app to get local show listings and real-time updates. If you’d like, you can also link to other popular services such as Flicker, YouTube, WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger so that content from shows throughout the summer can easily be shared – and earn more points!

Updated Facebook Integration

Posted in Uncategorized by superglued on June 7, 2010

Facebook recently launched the Facebook Open Graph. It’s an easier way for you to both share things you like with your friends on Facebook and to share a bit more about yourself on other websites. We’re about making things easier so were excited to integrate some of the changes to SuperGlued. Here are a few key updates:

1. Like Button –  You’ll notice the Facebook like button across the site. If you see a photo, video or story and think it’s cool, click on the button and it will be shared with your friends on Facebook.

If you like a band or venue, click on the Like button and we’ll add it to your favorites list. When tickets go on sale for a show in your city, we’ll let you know.

2. Favorite Artists on Facebook – The Facebook Open Graph makes it easy for you to add artists to your favorites list on SuperGlued. Don’t redo things you’ve already done on Facebook. We’ll routinely check to see which artists you include on your Facebook list and add them to your favorites on SuperGlued. That way,  you’ll know about upcoming shows and special events.

Receive Alerts on Upcoming Shows in Your Area

Posted in Uncategorized by superglued on May 3, 2010

Ever miss a show because you didn’t hear about it? Don’t let this happen again. Simply populate your profile with artists you like and we’ll let you know when tickets go on sale for a show near you. Here’s how to add artists to your profile:

1) Add to the list of shows you’ve attended – When you confirm that you were at a show, we add the artists on the bill to your favorite artists list.

2) Click on the Add to Favorites button on artists page – Go to any artist page and click on the “Add to Favorites” button.

You can always remove an artist by clicking on the remove link on  your favorite artists page.

SuperGlued + = Thousands of Setlists

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Checking the setlist after a show to see the name of a song or to check out what you missed out on is a must for many folks. That’s why we’re excited to be partnering with Using their API, setlists posted on from shows around the world will now appear on SuperGlued. Here are a few from recent shows:

Vampire Weekend at Fox Theater in Oakland
Metallica in Lithuania
OK at Metro in Chicago

Be sure to check back on SuperGlued after the show to see the setlist. And if you don’t see it, add it 🙂

SuperGlued Demo via Download Squad

Posted in Uncategorized by superglued on April 13, 2010

We had a chance to chat with Victor from Download Squad over at SXSW. He used a super-compact flip cam to capture this clip. Sound still came out good.  Here’s an excerpt from the blog posting:

SuperGlued is a music lover’s dream. It’s a one-stop shop for people who go to shows and gigs regularly, offering schedules, tickets, social networking and sharing tools. For instance, you could see who is playing locally, buy a ticket, meet people who are going to the show, later share your pics of the show and ultimately brag about (or remember) all the shows you went to and logged on SuperGlued. It’s one of those sites you can use as a casual user or a superfan, and I think it’s going to be a big hit with artists and fans.

You could find the full posting and other great stuff at Download Squad.

SuperGlued Badges Are Here!

Posted in Uncategorized by superglued on April 11, 2010

Badges actually launched a few months ago but we wanted to formally post about it. They are a fun way to reward members for doing things on SuperGlued. For now, we offer two badges – the photographer and the blogger badge.

How can you earn and show off these badges? Photographers – link to your Flickr account, Bloggers – link to you WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger blog.

These awesome badges were designed by Jane Mount. Jane also designed the SuperGlued logo and many other parts of the site. Over a decade ago, she co-founded, a community for teenagers. That’s where I met her and Tom. We’re excited to see badges getting a bit of a resurgence on FourSquare and other services. They were hot back in the nineties too! Check out some old school badges from Bolt (1996-2006).

Many more badges are coming soon. In the meantime, post a recap from a recent show you’ve been too!

Check Out Ladies Lotto Unofficial SXSW Showcase

Posted in Uncategorized by superglued on March 14, 2010

SuperGlued is excited to be a sponsor of the Ladies Lotto unofficial SXSW showcase. We’ll be there so be sure to stop by and say hi!

Ladies Lotto is expanding like a big booty in jeggings. We took the party coast to coast and now we’re headed south. We’re launching a new chapter in Austin, Texas! Come dance it out at our unofficial SXSW showcase.

Join the LLadies for a power networking hour at Parkside Lounge before we bring the house down.

Ladies Lotto & Lola Ink Presents the Unofficial SXSW Showcase

The Launch of Ladies Lotto Austin

A benefit for Girls Rock Camp Austin
Thursday, March 18th

The Music Gym
815 East 6th Street
Austin, TX 78702

$10 suggested donation

The Fire & Reason (D.A.N.R)
Bad Rabbits (Karmaloop)
The Beatards (Mixtape Riot)
The Colourist (Big Picture Media)
Emii (Big Picture Media)
endless hallway (Wind-Up Records)
Frank and Derol (Big Picture Media)
God-des and She (G & S Records)
Melissa Bryan (Girls rock camp)
Mussels (woxy)
Patches (Girls rock camp)
Make the Girls Dance (Ultra Records)
The New Collisions (Big Picture Media)

The Toxic Avenger (i-Heart)
Automatic Panic (Citrusonic)
DJ Cat NYC (Citrusonic)
Ceeplus (Bad Knives)
DMNDays (Bloodcompany)
Fredster (Girls & Boys)
Skrillex (Ultra Records)
Trash Yourself (Dance Robots Dance)
Johan (Lose Control)

Pics by


Ladies Lotto is a finely-cultivated international lifestyle and networking community aimed at developing the professional and personal success of independent women. As a collective, Ladies Lotto shifts the paradigm in the way women work together creatively to build strategies of allegiance and growth through culturally relevant projects and positive social impact campaigns. Operating under a simple yet revolutionary vision of promoting alliance amongst intelligent women since 2006, Ladies Lotto has been enhancing relationships to help a predominantly creative set become centered and whole. Ladies Lotto’s ongoing motivation, point blank, is to shake up how young women do business.

SuperGlued Makes It Easy to Add Your Friends

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If you love live music and your friends but find the task of creating another friends list annoying, our new auto-friend feature should put a smile on your face. Simply connect to your Facebook, Twitter and/or FourSquare account and we’ll automatically add your friends as favorites on SuperGlued when they join. You won’t need to seek them out. And by adding them as friends, you’ll be able to see what shows they’re going to and share recaps from shows attended.

Simply go to your settings page to connect to Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare. You can change your preference on whether to have friends automatically added as favorites. It’s that easy!

SuperGlued SXSW Survival Kit

Posted in Uncategorized by superglued on March 6, 2010

Do you plan on attending this year’s SXSW? We’ve put together our survival kit to help make it less overwhelming and more amazing. There’s so much going and it’s hard to keep track. We’re here to help. Our SXSW includes some helpful tools including:

  • Where my friends at – While out at SXSW, you can see which shows your friends are at in real-time. Simply sign up for SuperGlued and connect to Facebook, Twitter or FourSquare. We’ll automatically add your friends to your favorites on SuperGlued.
  • Real-time tweets – See what people are saying at various shows so you can decide whether it’s worth heading there. Is the line too big to get in? Terrible sound? Really tall people in the front? Find out before heading over there.
  • Full schedule of shows – You can filter by day, venue or artist name to see shows. It helps make finding info easy
  • Artist information – Learn more about the artists performing by browsing videos and photos from past shows
  • Recaps from every show – see photos, videos and reviews from every show and share your experiences too.

Check out our SXSW Survival Kit and download our free iPhone App. And be sure to say hello while at SXSW. Send us a tweet @superglued.