About SuperGlued

SuperGlued is where every show – past and present – from around the world is celebrated by the people who were there. Whether you were in the crowd of 55,600 to see the Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1965 or among the 200 to see Arcade Fire in a Montreal church basement, your stories belong here.

Isn’t there a way to do this already? Maybe but we haven’t found it! And we have some ideas on how to make it fun and worthwhile. SuperGlued is being built so that we (all of us) can:

Talk to people who were at the same show — It’d be fun to exchange stories with people who were there. They might actually get our references to the horrid odor or amazing light show.

See all the photos and videos — All those nice folks around us take such lovely photos and videos. And we’d love to see them without having to go to a dozen different sites. We’re lazy!

Remember what happened at that show — It was super-fun but we don’t remember why. But maybe some people do? Please help refresh our memories!

Show off our timeline and compare our list with yours – You can learn a lot about a person that way.

Read about the shows we missed — We want to hear about all the shows we were too young, poor or lame to have seen.

Bring people together — People who’ve been at the same shows have more in common than people who like the same music. So we want them to meet.

Buy Tshirts and Posters – The opening band was great and we want to support them. But we don’t know where to buy merchandise.

Hear from the band — What did the band think of the show? What were they thinking when an audience member jumped on top of the bassist during the encore?

SuperGlued was conceived in New York City and plans to spread the sticky love around the world. We’re currently in private beta and need your thoughts and suggestions. We would love to hear from you. Please email us at info [at]


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