Week 7 Contest Winners!

Posted in Uncategorized by sarahtheunicorn on August 30, 2010

Congrats to the Summer Music Junkie Contest Week 7 winners!

1) Jennifer – Mystery Jets backstage passes (donated to a bigger fan!)
2) Valerie – CMJ Music Marathon badge
3) the wild honey pie

A special shout out to this week’s points leaders – Amber, Dean, and Edwina!

Here’s what some of our winners had to say about their favorite show of the week:


This past week I saw the Camp Rock 2 Tour, featuring the Jonas Brothers. I had caught a free show of theirs in NYC last year and was impressed by their talent live but it wasn’t the full concert experience with lights and pyrotechnics so when I saw these tickets were on sale for $10 my friends and I jumped on them. Sitting through the Camp Rock songs were boring but the Jonas Brothers honestly blew me away. I only know a few songs by them but I’d say it was well worth my $10. Oh, and did I mention it was POURING RAIN during the entire show? Everyone left completely and hopelessly soaked to the bone, but man was it fun!

The Summer Music Junkie contest is coming to a close this week but we’ve still got some great prizes left, including CMJ Marathon Badges and Two Doors Cinema Club tickets! Here’s your last chance to earn points and win… good luck!


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