Which Shows Are People Tweeting and Taking Photos At?

Posted in Summer Music Junkie by superglued on August 19, 2010

We’ve been running the NYC Summer Music Junkie contest since mid-July and its been interesting to see what avid concertgoers are doing at shows. Services like Twitter and Foursquare along with cameras have grown in popularity as more people document and share their experiences. While some still dance and sing along to their favorite songs,  these folks are snapping away and posting tweets to broadcast out to friends in real-time.

Summer Music Junkie participants have been earning points for things like posting tweets, photos, videos and setlists. So which shows have people been using their devices at?


The top tweeted shows are based on the number of tweets with matching terms such as artist name and venue for specific shows. We began tracking on July 11th. It’s interesting how most of the shows were in outdoor venues (7 of the top 10) and that several were free. And it wasn’t just indie rock – hip hop and pop music fans are tweeting too!


Participants in the Summer Music Junkie contest have been posting some amazing photos from shows throughout the summer. The chart below shows the top summer shows based on number of photos posted to SuperGlued. This is more reflective of the SuperGlued community than general concertgoers.  Many of the shows are in smaller venues with lesser known artists including The Love Language, Kid Congo and Pregnant.

We’ll be posting a recap of the contest in a few weeks. In the meantime, if you took any photos or videos at a show this summer, share them on SuperGlued. And maybe you’ll win a prize!


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