Week 2 Contest Winners!

Posted in Summer Music Junkie by sarahtheunicorn on July 27, 2010

Congrats to the Summer Music Junkie Contest Week 2 winners!

  1. Joe Saturday – CMJ 2010 Music Marathon badge
  2. Hula Doll – CMJ 2010 Music Marathon badge
  3. Amber G. King – The Morning Benders/Black Keys tickets
  4. Eric – Belle & Sebastian tickets (he has generously donated to to a bigger fan!)
  5. Dean Keim – Black Francis tickets

Here’s what our winners had to say about their favorite concert of the week:

Dean: Crowded House at Bowery Ballroom on July 19th

A truly remarkable performance! Neil Finn was clearly the man in charge of Crowded House, and his intent was clearly to keep things loose, especially given the small intimate venue of Bowery Ballroom, considering CH fans alone would have sold out a hall many times larger in a heartbeat. Even their huge 80’s hit “Don’t Dream it’s over” from their first self-titled hit started somewhat stiff by it’s end was swirling into an imrov with surprisingly Pink Floydian guitar by Neil himself. Another big hit, “Private Universe” from their ’93 album Together Alone was far more aggressive and experimental that the studio original, with a driving drum track and psychedelic sounds that swerved it far from it’s studio original, even churning effortlessly into “Black & White boy” from the same album. He kept the set list to many many fan favorites and even rarities, as well as covers of everything from Neil Young’s “Down By The River” and George Jones’ “The Jet Set” to a Split Endz (a precursor band of Neil’s) song “Four Seasons in One Day”. Even though the next night brought guest stars like David Byrne to the stage, throughout was full evidence of the humor and charisma of not only Neil, but the whole band, and that made it one truly special performance that all fans had to appreciate, especially in such a small venue with such a big glorious whimsical personality.”

Joe: The Antlers at Pier 54 on July 22nd

“Beating out two events featuring Best Coast, my show of the week belongs to The Antlers at Pier 54.  Hearing them perform live is an entirely different experience from listening to their studio material.  Quite frankly, trying to describe their live show in words would be doing the band a disservice.  All I can say is that if you ever have the opportunity to catch them live, take full advantage of it.”

Eric: Pigeon Religion @ Bruar Falls

Amber: The North Highlands at Rocks Off Boat Cruise on July 19th

I loved The North Highlands on the Guac Rock Rocks Off Cruise on July 19th. I came for the guacamole, I stayed for the awesome music, and I left with a kickass fake moustache.

We’ve got some amazing prizes this week including CMJ badges and tickets to Hot Chip, ZZ Top and Black Lips. So go to shows this week and post recaps on SuperGlued!


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