Updated Facebook Integration

Posted in Uncategorized by superglued on June 7, 2010

Facebook recently launched the Facebook Open Graph. It’s an easier way for you to both share things you like with your friends on Facebook and to share a bit more about yourself on other websites. We’re about making things easier so were excited to integrate some of the changes to SuperGlued. Here are a few key updates:

1. Like Button –  You’ll notice the Facebook like button across the site. If you see a photo, video or story and think it’s cool, click on the button and it will be shared with your friends on Facebook.

If you like a band or venue, click on the Like button and we’ll add it to your favorites list. When tickets go on sale for a show in your city, we’ll let you know.

2. Favorite Artists on Facebook – The Facebook Open Graph makes it easy for you to add artists to your favorites list on SuperGlued. Don’t redo things you’ve already done on Facebook. We’ll routinely check to see which artists you include on your Facebook list and add them to your favorites on SuperGlued. That way,  you’ll know about upcoming shows and special events.


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