SuperGlued Demo via Download Squad

Posted in Uncategorized by superglued on April 13, 2010

We had a chance to chat with Victor from Download Squad over at SXSW. He used a super-compact flip cam to capture this clip. Sound still came out good.  Here’s an excerpt from the blog posting:

SuperGlued is a music lover’s dream. It’s a one-stop shop for people who go to shows and gigs regularly, offering schedules, tickets, social networking and sharing tools. For instance, you could see who is playing locally, buy a ticket, meet people who are going to the show, later share your pics of the show and ultimately brag about (or remember) all the shows you went to and logged on SuperGlued. It’s one of those sites you can use as a casual user or a superfan, and I think it’s going to be a big hit with artists and fans.

You could find the full posting and other great stuff at Download Squad.


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