SuperGlued Connects With Facebook

Posted in Uncategorized by superglued on June 30, 2009

Joining a new community site can be a bit daunting. You might be excited about the idea but turned off by the need to create another profile and find your friends.  It’s enough to say thanks but no thanks. We think SuperGlued is worth joining and have added Facebook Connect so that you can —

  • Easily join our site – Joining SuperGlued was easy. Now it’s even easier! Simply click on the button and fill out some additional info about yourself and you’re all set.
  • Post recaps from recent shows to your Facebook status update and let friends know about upcoming shows you’ll be at
  • Be notified (on site, not email) when a friend of yours joins SuperGlued so you can add them as a favorite. Adding as a favorite allows you to keep track of their activity.
  • Tell friends who were at the show with you to post their recap – You might have some great stories but your friend took some great photos. Get them on SuperGlued by sending them a message on Facebook.

If you are an existing SuperGlued member, you can link your account to Facebook by going to the settings page and clicking on the Facebook Connect button.

We realize that many of you have spent years on other sites building friendships, posting photos from shows, and writing about your experiences. We don’t want you to have to redo things and hope to make it easy and worthwhile to bring those parts of you to SuperGlued. In the coming months, look for more ways to link SuperGlued to your other profiles and blogs online. In the meantime, connect to Facebook and let us know if you run into any issues!


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