100 Bands in 100 Days: How to Run a Music Marathon

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Used with permission from Nick, Originally shown

Used with permission from Nick Sonderup

Recently,  SuperGlued was lucky enough to catch up with Nick Sonderup, the brains behind the very cool blog, 100 bands in 100  If you haven’t heard, this guy is putting himself through the ultimate music trial by fire.  Starting January 23rd, he’s devoted himself to seeing as much live music as possible. 

Here are the rules: 

   1.   He has to see a different band, every single day, for 100 days.  

   2.   He also has to stay until the end of the main set, no matter how bad it is or how tired he’s feeling (encores aren’t required, though). 

Meeting this music gladiator was a real treat!  It was Day 86 and he still was going strong.  He’s been cleverly documenting the toll the process has taken on him here.  Below is our interview with him and what he had to say about his experience so far.  

We’re going to follow up with him on his 100th day to find out if his favorite shows have changed.  For more about the shows he mentioned, check out these posts:

3/15/09: Public Enemy @ B.B. King Blues Club (52/100)

4/10/09: The Wrens @ The Bell House (78/100)

It was great to hear about his favorite show of all time, as well.  The date of the show was August 21st, 1999 but sadly we were unable to find much info about it (especially pictures), which got me thinking:

Where do all of those pictures, reviews and stories go?  I’m sure someone took a picture at the show and wrote something about it, but why is it always so hard to find it?

Hunched over my mac and digging for some piece of tangible evidence, that this show existed proved really frustrating.  Sure, there were a few set lists, here and there (with varying levels of quality and thoroughness), but those were put together by the few and far between.  By the amazingly devoted for the amazingly devoted.  For more general music lovers like yours truly, we want pictures and stories.  We want to get a feel for what it was like, outside of what was played at the encore.  

One of the great things about SuperGlued is, with the help of music lovers all over the world, all of us will rarely have to hunch over our desktops and scowl, like I did today.  Superglued is going to help us piece together what happened at all these shows, by sharing the tales from those who were there.


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